5 Must-Visit UK Seaside Destinations

Hands up if you love going to the beach! Take a look at our must-visit seaside destinations in the UK.

Is there anything better than a seaside stroll? Fish and chips, ice-cream, that sea air smell and seagull dodging. Made even better when you don’t have to travel far. Apart from the obvious seaside breaks such as Blackpool, Brighton and Cornwall. There are many seaside resorts in the UK which open up a world of fun for the family.

Let’s start with a little history. In the late 19th century, soon after the Industrial Revolution, the UK saw a dramatic increase in seaside resorts. Northern areas such as Blackpool, Bridlington and Sheffield began to see tourists around this time as people from the mill towns such as Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield began to find the idea of visiting the seaside quite attractive. Even southern towns such as Brighton, Newquay and Bournemouth began to see this trend, and it continues to this day. These are still popular locales for day-trippers, especially during Summer.

1. Blackpool

Blackpool is a town on the coast of the Irish Sea in the northwest of England, it flourished during the railway expansion in the 19th century. Blackpool is known now for its seafront, amusement arcades, and a wide network of hotels and B&Bs. Thrill-seekers can test their nerve at Blackpool Pleasure Beach! If you manage that you’re probably brave enough to visit the Blackpool Tower and the Tower Dungeons. For animal lovers try Blackpool Zoo, or swim with sharks at SEA LIFE Blackpool. Meet your idol at Madame Tussauds or relax in 84-degree paradise at the Sandcastle Waterpark.

Lit up Blackpool Tower blue sky
Blackpool Tower lighting up the night at a seafront music festival. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

2. Llandudno

Llandudno is called the “Queen of the Welsh Resorts”, though this could be for the Victorian Extravaganza event that celebrates the roots of this beautiful town. It is also famous for being mentioned in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and it is where the protagonist Alice often went on holiday with her family. How cool is that? Be curious and follow the White Rabbit on the Alice Town Trails. Stroll along the pier, picnic on the beach, brave a walk or cable car up The Great Orme.

Llandudno seafront beach
A peaceful day at Llandudno seafront. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

3. Brighton and Bournemouth

Brighton and Bournemouth both lay on the English Channel coast. Brighton is in East-Sussex, and like many other seaside resorts owes much of its popularity to the railway expansion. Londoners would often ride the rails to take a brief summer break in Brighton. It is also home to the West Pier which seems to resist many of the restoration attempts and suffered two fires back in 2003. The British Airways i360 Tower by Mark Barfield, the architect behind the London Eye, is a 183m observation tower which offers Brighton’s best views!

Bournemouth, on the other hand, owes its popularity to its excellent surfing conditions. Close to Poole Bay and the Jurassic Coast it has become a popular destination for a summer holiday. Bournemouth was founded in the year 1810 but wasn’t officially recognised as a town until 1870. Ideal for a peaceful beach weekend.

Brighton Pier Deckchairs
Take in the view and lounge around on Brighton beach. Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay

4. Newquay

On the North Atlantic Coast, on the English side of the Severn Bridge, is Newquay. It began to see a boom in popularity in the 1960s as it also has excellent surfing conditions. So much so that during the summer the population increases from 22,000 to 100,000 people. Newquay was built up as a town over the course of the 20th century, it’s often referred to as “the Blackpool of West Country” and is a popular destination for hen and stag parties.

Surfer on beach Newquay
Get your surf on in Newquay!

5. New Brighton

In Wirral, Merseyside. New Brighton is the UK’s longest promenade, with just over 2 miles of space. The view across to the city of Liverpool’s skyline is stunning. There is something about watching the liveliness of the City peacefully from a beach. Marine Point, the latest sixty-five-million-pound development in the area has given New Brighton a new lease of life. Shops, bars, restaurants and a cinema there is plenty to do for the entire family.

New Brighton lighthouse on beach
Explore the picturesque Fort Perch Rock and New Brighton Lighthouse. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

Which UK seaside destination is your favourite? We love to hear your feedback let us know what you think in the comments below!


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